Solar Power for your Home


RA Energy specializes in high quality solar power and renewable energy solutions for residential homeowners in Queensland. Our design team will tailor make a system to suit your house structure, energy needs and budget.

Our accredited team will safely and efficiently carry out the installation of your new solar system and will explain in detail everything you need to know leaving you with piece of mind that your solar system will produce efficiently and safely for many years to come.


Solar Panels Save You Money

Residential solar systems are a great way to save money on your energy bills. While the electricity grid in Australia is pretty reliable by global standards, it’s also one of the most expensive. With prices already among the highest in the world and bills set to rise even more in the future, more and more Aussie home-owners are looking for a clever alternative.

Solar power systems are a great way to gain control over your energy usage and create a solution that is sustainable for your budget and friendly for the planet. Once the initial installation is complete, residential solar systems are easy to maintain with minimal servicing overheads.



Solar power is the accessible, environmentally friendly energy solution for residential homes. With global warming a big issue across the world and more and more people looking to become carbon neutral, solar power is the obvious solution. Along with being a sustainable way to generate electricity, solar power is also a great way to become self-reliant.

Here at RA Energy, we believe in solar power and think it has the ability to transform how the world generates electricity. We sell a wide range of solar power solutions in sizes that are accessible for individual home-owners and young families, making it easier than ever before to get involved with the exciting world of solar power.

At RA Energy, we make it easy to go Solar

Quality Assurance

RA Energy offers state of the art solar panels, inverters, and mountings. All of our products meet Australian standards set.

Seamless Process

We offer a consultation service over the phone or in-house to begin the process. From here, it is a seamless and streamlined process from payment to installation and ongoing support.

Excellent Customer Service

Our highly experienced, skilful, and friendly team will be there and guide you through every step of the way to assure that your system is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Take control of your electricity and save on your power bills.